Julius-Hendrik Heims

Born in Troisdorf, Germany 1999. Lives and works near Bonn, NRW.

Since his early childhood Julius creates and paints, at the age of 11 he started to draw graffiti. At this time he also created his signature SWED. Inspired by several artists and styles, he found his very own style for the letters S, W, E and D. Soon he started to actually spray graffiti, for projects or in commissioned work.

picture of SWED on stairs

Julius mainly works with acrylic, spray paint and pastel chalk on canvas. The collage technique combined with paint and leaf gold is an established part of the creating process. There are no limits to create his mixed media works. He uses old paper from billboards or pieces from last week’s newspaper to form mostly abstract figures and figurative motifs. The gestural abstract painting technique, along with the color on his ambitious canvases, is what catches the viewer’s attention.

He has developed a unique artistic language that is defined by a special connection between music and color. Hearing the color is what makes the creating part so distinctive. Each song and melody leads to a small part in the process of creating the painting. Listening to all kinds of music genres from: italian, jazz, rock, multifaceted electronic to classical music, helps him to create and paint and this from the very beginning on. The paintings title is decided by the song Julius listened to at the moment the painting was finished. Therefore, you can guess the type of music that was played during the creation.

Since autumn 2019 he has been studying Art History and Economics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. Although his art is what he is most passionate about, he likes to ride his motorcycle and do a lot of sports. Due to his studies and the access to one of the most extensive art historical library in Germany, he is inspired by various different topics and artists.

SWED driving his motorcycle